Robyn Slagle uses a unique and holistic approach to helping individuals break free from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual constraints that hinder their well-being. Through diverse therapeutic techniques and a deep understanding of the interplay between the many facets of human existence, she empowers clients to uncover the root causes of dis-ease in their life, and facilitates transformative healing and inner harmony.

Dis-ease manifests as physical ailment, or as a sense of discomfort in various aspects of life, including anxiety, anger, and grief. Often these patterns originate in one’s early life experience.  Until the core issues are addressed, they continue to exert a powerful influence on one’s vitality and overall quality of life today.

Sessions are a unique blend of light touch, energetic techniques, activations, meditations, and wisdom classes that encourage profound personal growth and self-discovery. Robyn’s wealth of knowledge and expertise include Mayan and Japanese energy modalities, Bowen Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and Licensed Massage Therapy.